2016 – Ongoing

Imagine this: The year is 2517. It’s 500 years into the future. You are standing in front of a planetary landscape where a mixture of microclimates and unpredictable weather conditions make it impossible to produce and extract raw fossil fuel resources to create energy for life on the planet. Wastelands is a playful, yet, serious biological art and installation project that explore current biotechnology and bioengineering practices that manipulate microbial ecosystems to produce alternative “green” energy for the planet.

It questions the current optimism promoted by biotech industry and innovation research around green technologies as “high tech” solutions for waste production and the tendency towards dystopia renderings of the future by cultural media productions. This biological art installation exhibition speculates on the “what if” scenario of a future where humans no longer engage with mono agriculture industry and fossil fuel extraction, but rather, we choose to use biogas production generated from bacteria, viruses and excremental waste. What would such a future world look and feel like if it is neither saved or destroyed by biotechnology?

The exhibitions emerging from the research and creation project will seek to provoke viewers to imagine the transformation of humans and the planet centuries into the future in order to find a fresh vantage point to reflect on how contemporary developments in biomedia and biotechnology today may implicate life from a geologic point of view, or the point of view of planetary time.